Your Wife The Whore

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Make Me Wet

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Tiny Man Crushed

Giantess fans rejoice! Yours truly in collaboration with French Girls Feet have created my first giantess clip featuring SFX special effects! A helpless little man stands before me in his underwear. Watch me as I tease him with my massive feet and torture him with my sadistic words. I describe in detail how much I want to crush him below me and feel his bones crush under my feet. Poor thing didnt have a chance. This clip finishes off a juicy, crush following tiny screams of terror. A must see.

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Theres nothing I love more as a Dominatrix than crushing the balls of my slaves. Its one thing to just kick and perform some ball busting on a submissive man, but I really want to make them hurt, stomping on your sack and cock until I youre your pelvis crack, squishing your balls until they are about to pop all over the bottoms of my boots. If thats not fun enough, watching you writhe around in pain hearing your whimpers and pleading for your testicle torture to end. I swear, who needs a whip? Nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone suffer and squirm as my heeled boots drive deep into your swollen balls.

Satin Cravings

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Parent's of A Toilet 2

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Spit Brownies

Here's something i bet you didn't know about me; I'm a bit of a domestic goddess. That's right, I just love to bake -- especially for men! I wanted to demonstrate my skills by making you batch of my delicious brownies. 1 part chocolate, 2 parts SPIT. Mmmm thats right loser. You're going to watch me degrade and humiliate you while I fill your tasty treats with my saliva. Now doesnt that sound yummy?

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Heavy Kissing

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