Caged FinSlave

Its like going to the bank. Youre a teller locked away behind bars only to be released when I need to make a withdrawl. Even though I keep you locked up in a cage so I can tell you how I spending all your money, I still need you to get outside every now and then to work hard and make more money for me. After being stuck in my damp dark dungeon for so long, getting some fresh air would be good for you, but only if you return smelling like fresh money.

Handjob From Hell

I have a very special exercise planned for you today. You are going to get the honor of receiving a handjob by your Goddess Princess Ceara. This is not a privilege I bestow on all my slaves, no this offer only comes to those who prove to be most deserving. So, youre going to earn your HJ by me personally through , sweat, and tears literally. First, Im going to tease you until your cock is about to bust out of its chastity cage. Then, once Ive got you all warmed up, Ill heat things up even more and start stroking your dripping cock with fiery hot sauce. At least you had the rare pleasure of getting my dual special HJ/CBT combo.

Dominated By Denim

Theres this boy that always keeps checking me out, Ive caught him a few times especially when Im wearing denim. I just look over my shoulder and see him staring right at my ass. To be fair Im not a total ditz. I know how hot my ass looks in blue jeans, and also know a fetish freak when I see them. This guy is totally addicted to my ass in jeans and I use that to lure him back to my place. I know that once Ive dominated him that I can easily manipulate him to do whatever I want. I tease you with my ass and even let you stroke your cock for me. Now you cant get enough. Looks like I have a new servant...

Back to The Farm

When I find a loyal slave that will do practically anything I command, especially as a devoted foot worshiper, I have to keep them under my control. So, when I find a slave with mommy issues and cant separate himself from sucking her tit, then I step in and convince mom that their little boy is all grown up and belongs to me now. They may try and persuade their boy that this isnt the best choice and try to steal my slaves back, but I know how loyal my slaves are to me. All I have to do is get mom out of the picture somehow Once I do, I tell you all about what I have done to your poor mommy and how humiliated she will be if I ever let her go. The fact that I have done something so terrible to your own mother and you are still groveling at my feet ready to service me proves that you are broken and truly under my power.

Clean Your Fleshlight

I know what a filthy pig you are. Jerking yourself all day and night to my clips with that soft pink fleshlight I gave you. Just because youre a disgusting perv doesnt mean you have to be so gross and neglect your hygiene. With the amount of cumming youve been doing watching my videos, Im sure that fleshlight is getting pretty dirty. When was the last time you cleaned that thing? Im going to make you eat up your mess and suck the insides clean like one of my sissy sluts. Now you know to take better care of your toys unless you want me to make you clean up again.

Lick or Get Whipped

Why should I even have to ask? I know you want nothing more than to worship my long legged high-heeled boots. You know how mean I can be to my slaves that dont follow my orders, but you probably like me punishing you for your disobedience. You will worship my boots, feet, and ass or else Ill have to give you a whipping. Maybe using a tough riding crop will make you perform your tasks better. Get to work licking my boots before my whip licks the side of your face.

Tits & Pits 5

You would worship by breasts all day long if you could. Too bad Id never waste my time with a ugly loser like you. I dont mind being a tease and shoving my perfect tits in your face. Youre such a freak though because I know all about your obsession with pretty smooth armpits. My tits and pits are perfect for a guy with your kinky fetish. Go on, take that tired cock of yours and stroke it will I stroke my armpits and boobs for you. I know all you want is to get your hot wet tongue all over me.

Locked for Life

This video will own you for the rest of your life! If you are one of my devoted servants then this will be a real treat. I know I own you and you would do anything for me. You have proven time and time again with every wank down in your slave cave watching my clips for hours until youve had multiple orgasms. It is inescapable! I will become your religion and on your dying day the last thoughts that go through your mind are my beauty and were you worthy enough to call yourself one of loyal slaves? Did you devote and sacrifice enough, suffer for me? Time to live the rest of your life locked away and serving the will and wishes of your divine Goddess!

Pussy Worship Class

Good morning class, today is a very important lesson that every man must know if he intends to call himself a REAL man: Pussy Worship. I know all you losers think you are experts at eating out a girls vagina, but then why are you here? Its because you dont know how to satisfy a woman and get her to shoot just like your tiny cocks. Yes boys, I am going to tell you the perfect technique to properly worship my own pussy. My likes and dislikes. Tongue movement and how a pussy-worshipping servant should lick. Everything you need to know to get me off. As a reward for passing my class youll get a special treat. Maybe Ill let you demonstrate your improvement at licking me clean...

Giantess Cupcake

Big girls love tasty little treats. What could be more scrumptious to a sexy giantess than a delectable cupcake covered in tiny men? I absolutely love eating pathetic men covered in frosting. I cant resist sinking my teeth into the sweet little cake, hearing the screams of pain and panic by my delicious men. I chew and crunch feeling their tiny bones break and their juicy fillings smother my taste buds. What a treat!