Serving My Leather Boots

If you are a boot freak, then you are in for a very special treat. Not only do you get to worship my sexy high-heeled leather boots, but Ill even unzip them and let you sniff and worship my feet through my fishnet stockings. You get to show me how loyal of a boot-sniffing you truly are, all while gazing of my lacey legs at my crotch-less leggings reveal my hot and sweaty thong and delicious ass.

Kissing Nina North

After a night out at the club and few stiff drinks, Maddy and I drunkenly find our way back home. She is so happy that I took her out and wants to thank me the crazy night we had wasnt over yet. With just a look in each others eyes we start aggressively kissing and groping our sexy bodies. I dont know whats come over us, but we are both completely loving it! Maddy can hardly contain herself and gets too hot and strips naked. When Maddy and I arent sucking each others tongues, I am worshipping her big beautiful breasts. She absolutely loses it when she feels my soft hands begin to fondle her wet pussy.

7 Digit Destruction

This is what happens when you fuck around with married guys. They always feel conflicted with loving their wife, but are obsessed and desiring to serve me. You must love being able to run back to me whenever your boring ass bitch wont fuck you. Maybe I wont take you back next time If you want to show your true devotion to me, giving me your wifes phone number. I want to ensure you will never escape. Its an ultimate act of submission by giving me her number just in case you give me a reason to call her and tell your lazy housewife everything.

Ache and Drip For Me

There are a lot of improvements you can make as my loyal servant. I especially want you to work on suffering more for me. Ive been too nice and I think its time Im cruel when I let a slave jerk off, like how I really enjoy how frustrated you get when I lock you in your chastity cage. Is it so bad I want to imprison your cock and make it ache? You know all Im going to do is tease you with my perfect boobs and how you cant stroke that aching swollen dick on the verge of bursting. All you can do is sit there and watch me as your purple cock drips a stream of hot silvery precum all over the floor. I cant have your precum puddle go to waste so Ill leave a cup here so you can enjoy drinking your own juicy load, the taste of true devotion.

Mommy Playing Away

I woke up in my dream mans bed. We had a wild night of fucking and moaning, so I just had to call my husband and brag about how amazing my night was being fucked by another guys huge meaty cock. Im still not sure why my husband is into being a cuckold, but at least I am finally getting fucked by men with dicks big enough to pleasure me. You try to the mood and bring up how our little girl was bugging you all night asking, wheres mommy? I hope you didnt tell our baby any lies and came clean with the truth. Mommy is working late, she had a dinner appointment, Daddy has a tiny peepee that cant satisfy mommy, she went out looking for a real man to fuck because daddy is a little pussy faggot. There are so many reasons Im not home at night anymore, so make sure she does her homework and grows up to be as smart and successful as mommy! I bet shell make you her cucky father by 15.

Virgin For Life

Doesnt it suck knowing now woman will ever want you? Youre absolutely worthless, a pathetic excuse of a man. Its no wonder youre still a virgin and will probably be one for life. But, I like all you virgin losers because that means youll have keep buying my clips so you can jerk off. Im the only one that really appreciates you, thats why I let you jack those little cocks for me. I know what you like, being teased, watching me stroke my hot pussy, and smelling pretty feet. Im your dream girl so who needs a really pussy to fuck when you can be a devoted virgin to your true love.

Tits & Pits 4

Theres nowhere you can go, but why would you want to leave my lair? I know for a fact you came willingly completely in love with my big perfect breasts and smooth armpits. You are absolutely powerless once I start teasing you, watching get hard, horny, and hot With each caress of my giant boobs, makes your hand shake, desiring so to stroke your dripping cock. All you want to do is run your longue all over my tits and lick the sweat from pits. Pathetic men like you are put on this world to worship idols like me. So go on, STROKE with me, and worship your Goddess!


Custom clip: "Using your seductive, naked lips, lacy feminine pink bra and stillettos, you warn the sub male that watching this will lead inevitably to surrender as blackmail slave and gay prostitute, for real. But you know this only makes the sub want more. Cant resist. Pathetic. Each time the sub watches "she" has to prepare an email to you with a new bit of bkmail info or pics, scheduled to be sent after x minutes, coinciding with your cum command. So to stop the email the sub will ruin ejaculation. Each command you say, ends with your snap of fingers. Like: "drop to your knees". "put on your bra, while repeating you are a girl that needs a man" ; "say you want to be my blackmail slave" ; "say you want this email to be sent"; "say you want to kiss a man" (while closing up on your beautiful naked lips). You debase the sub, "if you were a man, you'd want to kiss me, but you want to kiss a man"- "kiss the lips of a man in a photo, now (snap)". Then count down to the cum command, each count with a snap of fingers, the sub must repeat "she" wants to be blackmailed, "wants to surrender", she "WILL let the blackmail email be sent". Please make the sub alternate jerking for you with pulling "her" nipples, to make "her" breasts for "her" man.

Hacked to Pieces

I have such a nice collection of weak little Beta Males. There is nothing I love more than torturing my unworthy servants. I always have to come up with crueler methods to punish them for their worthlessness, but I think Ive outdone myself. I make one lucky slave my cbt bitch, except I plan on absolutely mutilating you. Your eyes fill with dread when you see my shiny and very sharp scissors. I know I can seduce you to anything, so I want you to proclaim your love and devotion for me when I cut off a piece of your loser cock.

Covered in Saliva

Want to know what I really think of you? Nothing makes me happier than humiliating you losers and spitting on you like dirt. You are going to drenched in my spit. Ill even smear it in your face to show you how much I hate you. The whole time, you are rock hard, turning my hate into something sexual, and you love every second of me degrading you. Thats just how pathetic you are, liking me for being mean, bitchy, and spitting all over.