Captured Cuckold

We've come so far since you confessed your desire to fulfill your cuckold fantasy, and now you serve as my cute little cuckold pet. Everyday after I get in a good fuck, I pull you out of your cage and tell you all about it like my adorable lap . Youre such a little horndog getting aroused by me getting fucked by all my lovers. Id never guessed Id love fucking other men and rubbing your nose in my wet and used pussy so much. I have to keep you in your cage because I know how jealous you get, but I know you love to watch me get fucked, so I have to keep you on a leash until you can be a good boy.

Worn Out Flats 2

Can you just imagine how much sweat these flats have been soaking up from my feet? I only wear these shoes barefoot so I know they get pretty sweaty. In fact, every step I take I can smell the gross odor being pumped out of my shoes. A foot boy would be so lucky to get their hands on a gem like these. A perfect place to jerk your load! Maybe, if you suck on them hard enough, you can drink my foot sweat from my shoes.

Fucked For Life

What you are doing is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. Youll never be able to break your addiction. I dont blame you for being obsessed with jerking that tiny worthless cock to all the different clips youve bought. I make it impossible for you to resist me. You are mine, and no one will ever like a pervy creep like you. I own you and you are fucked for life!

The Keeper of Your Secrets

I know everything about you. All your deepest darkest secrets that you fear will ruin your life if they ever got out. I would so love to just watch your agony knowing everyone will hate you for being such a twisted pervert. My silence comes with a price. If you want me to keep your secrets then youll have to serve me. I want you to worship me, but not just my perfect tits and wet pussy, you will be my boot slave too and make sure you lick ever bit of leather clean. If you do a good job, maybe Ill unzip them and let you sniff and clean my beautiful feet too.

From Alpha to Ass Worship

Youre such a mans man, the definition of masculinity, power, and strength. As tough as an Alpha Male everyone thinks you are, behind closed doors youre nothing more than weak and pathetic Sub. Deep down you arent Dom at all, but a wimpy pussy that loves being teased and abused by beautiful women. Who knew that under all those big muscles and is a little pervert that wants to be dominated by my perfect and juicy ass. You see a girl like me in leggings and you just drip puddles of worship for me. Youre addicted to my ass and feet and Im going to make you sacrifice everything to be my new servant. Now look who's in charge!

Ex Wife's Revenge

Never piss off your wife. She can be a very vengeful bitch and driven to completely destroy your life. She caught you cheating and wants to punish you for your affair. You begged her not to divorce you, so she makes a deal that you have to completely humiliate yourself for her. Your dirty wife makes you do the most embarrassing things like dressing in panties and sucking dildos, and even took pictures and videos of your degrading acts. Too bad that didnt satisfy her and she wanted even more for her revenge and sent all the files to your boss and got the divorce anyways. Now whats a newly single recently rich ex wife to do with her life?

Physical and Mental

I almost never touch a pathetic slaves cock, except when Im feeling in a very sadistic mood. Ill teach you to jerk off and eat your cum, but now I want to teach you do something I really love torturing your cock and balls. Im just like any other CBT Domme that loves watching her worthless slave writhe in pain as I destroy your groin. But I just dont have enough time to punish all you losers. I hope you are a willing servant that will enjoy administering your own CBT on my behalf. I trust you dont want to upset your princess and will show me how devoted you are by presenting me with bruised privates. (If you plan on abusing yourself for me, youll need a heavy book, clothespins, and icy hot to play along).

Adore My Feet

Im dressed to in sexy lingerie, ready to manipulate your mind. I tease you with my long legs, dangling my spiked black heels off my long pedicured toes. You can't help but beg for me to drop the shoe and reveal my perfect peds. My soft soles and high arches turn you into a groveling slave, living to adore my feet.

Married For Life

My husband and I are newlyweds, but havent had sex yet. Weve had plenty of opportunities since being recently married, but I just have better offers waiting for me. I love my husband, but sex with my other boyfriends is hard to pass up. Im sorry baby, but we are never going to have sex. Your sex life is your hand. I will put on a show for my husband when I get ready for a date with one of my alpha men. Since he doesnt get to fuck me, I let him masturbate while I tease him and taunt him about all the hot and dirty sexual things Ill be doing tonight. If you are lucky, Ill even let you clean out my pussy of all the sticky cum left behind.

Lets Make A Deal

My little brother has been stealing my panties. I caught him on the floor sniffing some dirty ones I had worn yesterday that were soaked in my pussy juices. I couldve told our parents what a fucked-up pervert my disgusting brother is, but I chose to be a good big sister and make him a deal. If he wanted me to keep his secret then he would have to pay for his weird fetish. I will charge you for every little thong sniff and cunt lick you make, and if you prove to be a devoted pussy sniffer and panty worshipper, I might even let you pay me to fuck you